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Is your mower starting to creak, rattle and squeal as you cut the grass? Is it shaking your arm and giving you a workout from the vibration? Are you longing for a mower that’s self-propelled and can instantly turn those grass clippings to mulch?

For a crisp cut and smooth action, consider upgrading to one of MTD’s high quality mowers. Here’s the lowdown on some of MTD’s current offerings and how they compare to the other brands.

lawn mowers from MTD

TB270 ES TriAction 21” Electric Start Self-Propelled Mower

The TriAction Cutting System is designed to assure you get a clean cut every time. With this system, the grass is pulled through a rake bumper before it is cut. This bumper pulls every blade upright for an even cut every time. The mower deck also extends past the wheels, meaning that you have to make fewer passes with the mower.

  • Choose whether your clippings are mulched, discharged, or bagged.
  • Dual-levers allow for 6 different height levels
  • Front wheel self-propelled
  • The handle can be set to 3 different height levels.
  • 190cc Briggs & Stratton engine
  • Never fight starting the mower again with the electric start feature
  • Available at Lowe’s and other Troy-Bilt Authorized Retailers
  • Cost is less than $300

This mower can be compared to the Husqvarna XT722FE

  • A key start allows for easy starting
  • Offers same choices for clippings; bag, mulch and side-discharge
  • Variable drive speed means that you can set how fast it goes.
  • The handle folds for easy storage
  • 173cc Kohler engine
  • Front wheel drive self-propelled
  • Four cutting levels
  • Available for $310 at Ace Hardware stores and at

This mower does not, however, offer the impressive TriAction Cutting System that can be found with some of the MTD mowers.

Need Help With Your Lawn?

TB325 XP 21” Variable-Speed Self-Propelled Mower
If you’re a fan of Honda engines, you might want to consider this mower. This machine offers the following features:

  • Honda built 160cc engine
  • Comfortable, curved handle
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • 4-Speed continuous variable transmission allows you to set the most comfortable speed
  • Adjust height levels easily and comfortably with the single-lever height adjuster
  • Choose to have your clippings mulched, side-discharged or bagged
  • Mower is propelled by the rear wheels
  • Cost is less than $350

Another mower in the same price range is the Toro Personal Pace Walk Power Mower. It sells at Home Depot for $350 and offers the following features.

  • 22” cutting deck
  • 3 in 1 bagging system for bagging, mulching or side discharge of clippings.
  • 190cc Briggs and Stratton engine

The Personal Pace design allows you to set the mowing speed.

TB230 TriAction 21” High Wheel Self-Propelled Mower

  • Features the highly effective TriAction Cutting System
  • ReadyStart Choke System eliminates the need to prime the mower
  • Features mulching and rear bag options for grass clipping
  • Rear wheels are 11” high, making them more maneuverable
  • Variable speed control is operated with the squeeze grip
  • 190cc Briggs and Stratton engine
  • Handle can be adjusted to 3 levels
  • Deck can be adjusted to 6 cutting heights
  • Front wheel self-propelled
  • Available at Lowe’s and Troy-Bilt Authorized Retailers
  • Price is less than $300

A comparable mower for this machine is the Sears Craftsman Platinum 190cc 22” Briggs and Stratton Rear Bag High Wheel Rear Propelled Lawn Mower.

  • Rear wheels are 12” high.
  • The bag has a Full Bag Indicator
  • Single point height adjustment
  • 22” cutting deck
  • Sells through Sears for $340.

There are many mowers on the market offering the 3-in-1 features for grass clippings. However, there is only one company offering the impressive and highly effective TriAction cutting system.

The expanded deck size on the MTD mowers allows you to cut the lawn without having to overlap every row. The expanded choice for deck height is also very important. Some people prefer the grass long, others want it short. With any of the MTD mowers, you will be able to choose the height that it perfect for your yard and your situation.

MTD builds a mower that is designed to provide you with many years of quality service and easy use.

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