Commercial Lawn Care

Where To Find The Best Commercial Lawn Care Services

There are many commercial lawn care companies out there, and finding a company that exhibits professional behavior, and which you can trust can be a challenge. This article will attempt to answer all your questions about lawn care companies, including those regarding price, where to find the better companies, and popular, well-known franchises in your area.

Perhaps you’ve used lawn care services in the past, but are now looking for a more reliable, better service. Maybe you’re a first-time home owner and need reputable landscaping services, never having used them before. You might be of retirement age, and need to turn your lawn care over to someone else.

In any one of these situations, you need to track down a company with professional, courteous agents, who will do the amount of work you and your money demand.

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Pricing for Commercial Lawn Care: Shop Around

Americans spent more than $44 billion in 2006 on commercial lawn care services from companies like Scotts, TruGreen, Lawn Doctor, and Natural Lawn. Consumer Reports published a report that showed that for all the claims of lawn care companies providing “custom” or “specialized” lawn care packages, most offerings from major lawn care outfits were comparatively similar.

Watch out for big name companies who promise the world, but do little more than cut, trim, and fertilize.

Need Help With Your Lawn?

That said, you can usually get good deals from lawn care and landscaping companies in your vicinity. Meier’s landscaping in the Dallas area offers a super-low price of $26.50 per mow, with a mere $1 extra fee for corner lots. The minimum of lawn care services, on average, will run you around $30 per week, or about $120 per month, and $1,500 per year. Count on doubling that if you want a more full range of landscaping services.

The Lawn Advisor breaks down commercial lawn care pricing for a 1/2 acre property like this:

  • Weekly lawn cut – $20-$40
  • Weeding Beds (3 ft. perimeter) – $20-$50 per month
  • Spring cleanup with some trees – $200
  • Trimming landscaping – $175-$400
  • Fall cleanup – $200-$500
  • Chemical application – $400-$700 per year

Local Examples of Lawn Care Services

TruGreen LandCare has over 100 local branches across the United States, and an easily navigable website. They likely have a location near you, but if not, there are other nationwide franchises in your area with seasoned landscaping professionals at the ready.

Trinity Landscape out of Glendale, AZ, for example, specializes in both commercial and residential lawn care service, and has 24-hour emergency response to irrigation issues like main line breaks. They’ve also collected numerous accolades for their experience and professional abilities.

Tips For Business Owners on Hiring Lawn Care

You can do a local search for companies, or look for nationwide lawn mowing franchises in your area. Most folks opt to search for local companies with a good reputation. You can count on there being someone in your vicinity who runs a thoroughly professional landscaping outfit, and who will give you an accurate lawn estimate. You can also ask them if they use the latest estimating software or calculator, and compare to the above average cost table.

A good indicator of a reputable commercial lawn care company is an extensive, user-friendly website, with plenty of photos, and preferably, customer testimonials. If they have multiple user reviews and ratings on their site, or on another site, even better. Granted, you may end up paying more for their services, but it might be a small price to pay compared to opting for the guy in the rusty truck with the lawnmower from 1985.

It will also pay off for you in the long run to have true turf specialists working on your lawn. Anyone can get out there and run a lawn mower over your grass, but it takes a real pro to know what application to use for what grass type, along with fertilizer choices and other scientifically-applied know-how designed to make your yard and garden beds shine.

You’ll know an expert by how willing to they are to engage in a conversation with you regarding everything organic on your property, such as the proper application of chemicals, pruning, and other greenthumb knowledge.

Final Thoughts on Hiring Lawn Care Specialists

Doing your own homework on what your lawn needs will help you keep up with “fast talkers” looking to make a buck off of you, who ultimately don’t care what your trees, lawn, and garden beds look like in 6 months or a year.

It will also help you to do your own lawn care work, at least in part. If knowledge is power, a little bit of homework when it comes to yard work truly goes a long way. Heeding all of the above advice and information, it should be easy for you to quickly locate the best commercial lawn care services in your area.


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    Also, when choosing a commercial landscape maintenance contractor, make sure you are comparing apples to apples. The number of treatments, services, and materials used can make a substantial difference in price and outcome. If you already know what you need or want, try to spec specific products, species, and/or quantities in your bid request so that each contractor is able to price the same services and products. Just to give an example, mulches for flower beds that give the best performance and appearance can cost from $8.00 to $10.00 per bag whereas the lower end mulches can cost as little as $3.00 per bag for the same quantity.

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