Review of Brill Lawn Mowers

Among the numerous different lawn mower brands on the market are the Brill Lawn Mowers. Well known to lawn mowing enthusiasts, and especially in Europe, the German lawn mower and garden tools giant has been producing quality lawn mowers for over one hundred and fifty years. This article compares and reviews such Brill Lawn Mowers lines.

brill lawn mowers

Brill History and Overview in Brief

The German based lawn mowing company was established in 1873. They made their first manual hand pushing lawn mower the following year. By 1920, they were already producing motor powered lawn mowers. The year 1954 saw their first rotary mower built and marketed. By 1967, they had grown to become the German market leader in hand pushed lawn mowers.

The company has continued to expand its range of lawn mower lines and product offerings since that year, and especially in the last ten years with:

  • the introductions of the Brill PowerAccu range of lawn mowers in 2000;
  • the launching of the Brill Silencio, which is the quietest gas powered lawn mower on earth, in 2003;
  • the launching of the Brill Evolution line, the newest generation of electric lawnmowers, in 2004;
  • the re-design and launching of the classic Brill lawn mowers as the Razor Cut line in 2007;
  • the introduction of the new Steelline, which is a potent sporty generation of such lawn mowers that have extra big back wheels for better traction, in 2007;
  • the launching of the brand new lawn tractor lawn mower line the Crossover, in 2008;
  • a combined version of the Razor Cut and Evolution lines in 2009.

The Brill Evolution Lawn Mowers – Upright and Compact Lawn Mower Storage

There are a range of features to the new Brill Lawn Mowers. Among these are their ability to be stored in an upright position, allowing for a compact lawn mower storage capability.

The Brill Evolution is the answer to the limited storage space problem. The Evolution proves to be a lightweight gas powered lawn mower which is capable of being stored in a standing upright position.

Need Help With Your Lawn?

In reality, the Evolution requires less space than many smaller electric lawn mowers. It is simple to transfer from one place to another. On top of these helpful features, the upright position furthermore permits the lawn mowers to be more easily cleaned up following their use.

Brill Cylinder Lawn Mowers – The Brill Razorcut Cylinder 38 Premium Lawn Mower

Purists among the lawn and gardening crowd hold to the idea that lawns should really only be properly mowed using a cylinder lawn mower. This is because these do the least amount of harm to the actual blades of grass.

Another advantage to cylinder types of lawn mowers is particularly helpful for those individuals who do not possess a large lawn and also wish to contemplate their effects on the surrounding environment. Such purists will be impressed with the Brill Razorcut cylinder range of lawn mowers.

They are both intelligently and ergonomically designed to feature simple ease of utilization. These Razorcut lawn mowers are also lightweight. Perhaps most importantly, the Razorcut blades turn out to be specifically heat treated, which causes them to be more efficient and sharper, so that they present a fantastic cut without stressing the individual’s upper body, arms, and back.

This line-up of Brill cylinder lawn mowers contains a great number of varying models. Among them are machines which are able to handle as many as two hundred and fifty square meters, along with a model which is battery operated and capable of doing up to four hundred square meters of yard. Every Brill lawn mower model has handles which are soft grip and comfortable.

Brill Reel Lawn Mowers – The Razorcut 38 Reel Lawn Mower

For any individual who cares about becoming healthier, reducing his carbon emissions foot print, reducing noise pollution, and who also owns a house with a smaller lawn in the neighborhood of only five thousand to eight thousand square feet, the Brill Razorcut Reel Lawn Mower is the ideal solution.

The advantages of these Reel push lawn mowers are several. Chief among them is the fact that they literally slice down the grass blades, as would a very sharp pair of scissors. This is in contrast to knocking-off the top of the blades of grass, as does a standard rotary blade of lawn mower.

These lawn mowers are famous not only for their five welded steel blades which are flame tempered to give the individual’s lawn the best possible cut. They also feature a particular blade positioning and design which permits a quiet cut, and also maintains sharp blades year in and year out for a full decade.

The Silent Cut feature slices off the grass blade top, all the while keeping the grass blade and the bed knife from coming into contact.This means that the home owner’s grass will be healthier as a result of cleaner, less lawn-stressing cuts.

This Brill Razorcut 38 cuts a wide 15.2 inch path, and it is fully adjustable from .7 inches to 1.8 inches. It possesses eight inch wheels which have sealed ball bearings. This gives the user a lawn mower which is both simple to push and extremely stable.

It only weighs seventeen light pounds, so it is not difficult to lift or to store. In buying the grass catcher on top of the standard package, the user’s lawn clean-up will prove to be simpler. All Brill lawn mowers come with a two year warranty from the manufacturer.

Consumer Reports On Brill Lawn Mowers

All of the Brill made Razorcut lawn mowers feature no contact blades which very rarely require some sharpening, only from each five to ten years.

Since the handles on all Brill Razorcut models fold up twice for simpler storage, they take up less space than traditional competing lawn mowers do. Also, they are so light that they can literally be hung up on a wall.

The only downsides mentioned for the fine Brill Razorcut lawn mowers revolve around the fact that they cut grass to an extremely short height, comparable to that seen on golf courses. Their maximum height allowed on grass is a mere 1.8 inches. They do prove to be a bit awkward for carrying. Also, Consumer Reports has heard of various quality control issues. Other featured models from Brill include the 13 inch Brill Razorcut 33, which retails for about $110, as well as the 15.2 inch Brill Razorcut 38, which goes for about $240.


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